I decided to do something I don’t usually do…Have a sale! I need your help I need a new computer. Mine is six years old and functioning without a dedicated graphics […]

Gift-A-Long 2014

This year I’m proud to be contributing to the Gift-A-Long! What is this? It’s several things. First, it’s a sale. The sale runs from 11/13-11/21. Everything in my Gift-a-Long Bundle will be […]

On Failures

I’ve been writing a lot about success, but what about failure? There are two types of failure in the knitwear design field. First, the cold hard rejection of a failed […]

Focus on Success

I consider myself both successful and happy. Some people struggle with both of these things. They complain about their life, their job, their general “situation”; but they do nothing to […]

Busy Bee

I’m incredibly busy. To keep from going insane, I’m writing a blog post. Makes sense, right? No? Maybe I’ve already gone insane! To keep everything going I rely on lists. […]

Unwelcome Home

I apologize in advance. This is a sad, whiney, and pointless post. My mom has been very sick which means trips home to visit. I love living close enough to visit, but far […]

TNNA Coupon

This week is going to be crazy busy. I’m getting ready to take a trip out to California to attend the TNNA show in Long Beach. I’ll be staying with […]


I’ve gone back and forth about posting this…but I do want to start sharing more about myself and my life here on my blog. So, here goes… In February I’m […]