FTF: Tea

Today I’d like to talk to you about tea. I love tea. I love bagged teas, loose teas, even crappy tea that comes in plastic bottles, I love it all. […]

FTF: Frixion Pens

I’ve decided for 2015 to bring back my Favorite Thing Friday posts. Today, my favorite thing is: Pilot Frixion (aka magic) Pens. I LOVE pens, all pens, but these pens […]

Flying Fibers – FTF 11/11/2011

My favorite thing this week is my local yarn store: Flying Fibers! Flying Fibers is the kind of store that you enter and then never want to leave. In addition […]

Interweave Press – FTF 11/4/2011

I love Interweave Press. I love their magazines, I love their books, and I love working with them. As a knitter, books and magazines published by Interweave always contain stylish […]

Ravelry – FTF 9/2/2011

This week my favorite thing is Ravelry. For those of you that are knitters or crocheters and are not familiar with Ravelry, please sign up. Membership is free and the […]

Tina – FTF 8/26/2011

Favorite Thing Friday! I have many favorites this week, but my most favorit-est of all is my friend Tina. Tina is the nicest and most generous person I think I […]

Favorite Thing Friday

I’ve decided to try to make my blog more active, and so I give you Favorite Thing Friday. The internet is full of people complaining about everything. The most vocal […]