Another Design Series?

Hmm, I was thinking back to when I did the Design Series which resulted in the Nancy & Judy shawl. It was super fun and I ended up learning a […]

Nancy & Judy

The culmination of Design Series, Nancy & Judy emerge as a shawlette of sisters. Stitch patterns from Barbara Walker’s Treasuries inspired and transformed into alternating sister sections of a shawl. […]

Design Series: Publishing

Welcome back for the final week of Design Series. For this last post, I will get more in depth about publishing. I want to expand upon one thing I mentioned […]

Design Series: Testing & Tools

Welcome back again. This week’s post is going to be a little brief as I have been quite sick lately. During the knitting of my prototype I start to type […]

Design Series: Q&A – Charts/Copyright

Ida asked: First, you mentioned using graph paper. Do you use graph paper that is especially made for knitting (since the squares of the regular don’t always mesh up)? Also, […]

Design Series: Prototyping

Thanks for stopping in again for this week’s installment of Design Series. This past week, and as hinted at, the week before, I have been busily trying to knit this […]

Design Series: Q&A – Sizing

Daniella asked: [I] would love to know how you go about sizing a garment pattern. When I was planning this series, I almost chose to do a sweater pattern. I […]

Design Series: Q&A – Submissions

Kim and Laurel asked: I’m curious about the proposal documents. What’s all entailed with that? [Tell us about] submissions to magazines/yarn co’s etc. Each publishing house has their own requirements. […]

Design Series: Sketch & Swatch

Welcome back! This last week I have been swatching like crazy. I love my stitch dictionaries as they provide instant inspiration. This stitch might conjure images of sweater cuffs, this […]

Design Series: Inspiration

Welcome to the first installment of the Design Series: Inspiration. I want to preface this posting with a disclaimer of sorts: I am calling myself a designer because that is […]