I’m reading this book and I follow Jenny Lawson on Twitter. Ms. Lawson’s book makes mental illness real and honest. I think I love her. I don’t read her blog on a […]

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you know that I’ve begun posting some projects from my new book, Unexpected Cables. If you don’t follow me, please do! […]

Everyday Lace

So, I’ve been working on this big project for the last two years…and now it’s finally coming to fruition! Presenting…my first published BOOK! Over the next few weeks I will be […]

My favorite Books

I love reading. I love reading almost as much as I love knitting, which is quite a bit. I love reading so much that I taught myself to knit while […]

I’m Writing a Book!

Yes, you heard right, I’m working on a book with none other than the always wonderful, always fabulous Interweave Press! I’m incredibly honored to be working with Interweave as their books […]

Happy New Year!

Lots of pictures for you this posting. I was away for the holidays, and came back with a sinus infection but lots of gifts. First, from the Lancaster Stitch ‘N’ […]

I’m getting OLD!

Carpooling is great for knitting! However…there is one guy that I ride with that insists on playing hiphop. Maybe I am just getting to that point in my life where […]