The winner of Knitting Short-Rows is… Lori! Lori, I will contact you via e-mail to get your mailing address so I can send you your prize ūüôā Thanks to everyone […]

Depression (the mean version)

I received many good comments to my last blog post. But also¬†some well meaning, but ultimately unhelpful, emails. My favorite,¬†“think about all the people who have it worse than you”. […]

Depression and Anxiety

Today it seems that everyone is all about drinking green beer and eating green bagels, having a grand time with friends, and generally being jolly. But not me. I’ve been […]

Today I have a treat for you! I’ve been meaning to post this review for a long time and it just keeps getting pushed back and back. But today I […]

Hey hey! I’m having a KAL for my newest pattern, Diopside! Which, by the way is in a pre-release state. You can grab it on Ravelry for a discount until […]

Allow me to whine for a moment. I just got back from the doctor and the news wasn’t that bad, not really. He told me what I already knew. I […]

I am an Immigrant

I am an immigrant. I was born in South Korea and traveled to this country as a baby, was adopted,¬†and was naturalized. I do not look like your typical white […]

I am a survivor of sexual abuse. When lawmakers feel entitled to grab women by their genitals, I don’t feel like women are equal. Call me stupid. When rapists get […]

I’m reading this book¬†and¬†I follow Jenny Lawson on Twitter. Ms. Lawson’s book makes mental illness real and honest. I think I love her. I don’t read her blog on a […]

In the past I’ve worked with The Knitting Boutique to design for their Luxury Club.¬†This year I thought it would be fun to change it up so I’m designing¬†the patterns […]