Dark Secret I forgot to write a post about this shawl when I first released it (I’ve been really bad about blogging)…so here’s a post now…much later. Dark Secret is […]

Introducing my newest design, Ardente. Ardente is a seamless stole with a unique construction. It’s made with four bottom-up triangles joined as you go. I used Anzula Cloud, a deliciously […]

I want to tell you about something that I’ve been debating about. Something that both excites me and bothers me. I started a Patreon page. I would love for you […]

Sometimes I have crazy ideas. Gallo was one of those times. But first, let me tell you about the non-crazy parts. Many moons ago Kam from Everyday Peacocks approached me […]

Winner of Mosaic and Lace Knits!

The winner of the Mosaic and Lace Knits is… Mimi! Mimi, I will contact you via e-mail for your address so that I can send you your prize 🙂 Thank […]

Are you ready for another Review and Giveaway? Today I have something really special for you, Mosaic and Lace Knits. My friend, Barbara Benson, has been working really hard on […]

The winner of Knitting Short-Rows is… Lori! Lori, I will contact you via e-mail to get your mailing address so I can send you your prize 🙂 Thanks to everyone […]

Depression (the mean version)

I received many good comments to my last blog post. But also some well meaning, but ultimately unhelpful, emails. My favorite, “think about all the people who have it worse than you”. […]

Depression and Anxiety

Today it seems that everyone is all about drinking green beer and eating green bagels, having a grand time with friends, and generally being jolly. But not me. I’ve been […]

Today I have a treat for you! I’ve been meaning to post this review for a long time and it just keeps getting pushed back and back. But today I […]