I want to tell you about something that I’ve been debating about. Something that both excites me and bothers me. I started a Patreon page.

I would love for you to support me. First, let me give you my sell.

If you support me you’ll get patron-only behind-the-scenes content. What does this mean? You will see exclusive photos, videos, and posts about my creative process. Depending on your level of support you might get to participate in polls, live chats, and even get discount codes for patterns. Plus, at any level of support you get a 50% off coupon code just as a thank you!

For the price of  one coffee a month, $3, you get photos and technique videos of what I’m working on. These videos are short snippets of special techniques that I use or inside tips of things that make my designs special. Feedback so far has been very positive. After 3 months at this pledge level you’ll get an exclusive Ravelry discount code every month.

For just $5 a month you’ll get a free Ravelry pattern every month. Usually this is a new release unless I don’t release a new pattern that month. Plus all the rewards of the $3 reward tier.

For $10 a month you’ll get EVERY new pattern release for FREE. Plus you’ll get invited to my secret Facebook group where I have a live chat every month where we hang out and discuss what I’m working on, what’s coming up, and generally just have a good time. Plus all the rewards of the $5 and $3 tiers.

I’ve also added a new Mentorship rewards tier for designers. This is an opportunity for designers to get one-on-one help from me to become a better designer. I’ll help you with daily motivation, help with your design submissions and more!

Now, let me tell you why this makes me a little sad. I get down that I need to ask for this kind of help. Pattern design has become an oversaturated market and it’s become something that costs of the goods sold is often more than the sales generated. These costs include things like technical editing, photography, photo editing, Ravelry fees, PayPal fees, VAT, advertising fees, plus all the time spent on labor, promotion, and social media. It’s a hard business to be in but something that I truly love to do and want to continue to do because I love creating.

In my first monthly chat I confessed that everyday I have thoughts of quitting. I think instead of becoming a watercolor artist and quitting knitwear design completely. Would you be sad if I stopped designing? Perhaps not. Maybe the world would be better or perhaps wouldn’t even notice if Heather Zoppetti stopped creating knitwear designs.

So here’s me asking for your help. Think of this like an on-going Kickstarter where you contribute as little as $1 a month and continue to get awesome rewards. I post almost daily to the feed, and you get free or discounted patterns*! You get to see my design process and even become part of the process, and I get to know that there are people out there who still support me and my designs. It’s a win-win.

*depending on your reward tier and length of patronage

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