Are you ready for another Review and Giveaway? Today I have something really special for you, Mosaic and Lace Knits.

My friend, Barbara Benson, has been working really hard on this book for the last few years, and I was honored to be a part of it. I did some of the editing work on it, so I got to see it grow from the beginning to final product. And what a beautiful book it turned out to be—I’m not just saying that because I got to work on it. It really is a stunning book.

First, don’t be scared away if you’ve never tried this mosaic and lace technique. Barbara starts with a great introduction taking you from the basics of mosaic colorwork and adding lace to the mix.

Her Single Flight mittens will get you started with mosaic knitting. I love how she uses a color changing yarn to make this simple pattern really dynamic without adding extra complexity.

© Tom Moore

Barbara also includes two other handwear patterns, three hats, two home items, four scarves, four cowls, and four shawls. Fans of Barbara’s work will love the emphasis on neckwear. However, I’m glad she’s included other items—even a pillow, it really shows the diversity of this technique, that it’s not just for lacy shawls.

Speaking of lacy shawls, isn’t Ves gorgeous?? Maybe I’m just in love with it because it’s pink. But I keep going back to this one again and again. I even begged Barbara to reformat the pattern for Stitch Sprouts so we could sell it as a single pattern. (Which, by the way, she did…ahem, retailers!)

© Tom Moore

My favorite pattern is Fractured Helix. I’m glad it’s on the cover because, what a show stopper. This shawl is just stunning. Again, maybe it’s just the way Barbara plays with colors and textures, but I think I need to knit this for myself, and I don’t knit for myself very often.

© Tom Moore

I also love the Quatrefoil Cap because I’m a sucker for clever crown patterning. Make sure you click through to Ravelry for this one so you can also see the hat made with the colors switched.

© Tom Moore

You can see all the patterns from Mosaic and Lace Knits with additional photos up on Ravelry. Make sure you check them out.

Colorwork enthusiasts and lace junkies alike will become admirers of this book. Barbara explains her technique clearly and thoughtfully with step-outs and photo tutorials. I think you’ll fall fast in love with this technique and with Barbara’s designs.

To see more of Barbara’s work, check out her Ravelry designer page, her website, and her YouTube channel.

For another review of Barbara’s book check out: Jen Lucas Reviews Mosaic and Lace Knits


Do you want to win your own copy of Mosaic and Lace Knits? Barbara and the wonderful folks at Stackpole Books sent me a copy to give away as a prize! To be entered to win, leave a comment below letting me know which pattern is your favorite. Enter before midnight Monday April 10th!


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8 thoughts on “Review + Giveaway: Mosaic & Lace Knits

  1. Fractured Helix is STUNNING! While I’ve never done mosaic knitting, I’d gladly learn just to knit this shawl!

  2. Mosaic *and* lace? Wow. That Fractured Helix is amazing! I just finished a mosaic shawl, and I was already mad about lace, and the combos shown here are beautiful without looking intimidating.

  3. I can’t choose just one of Barbara’s designs; I love them all. I think Ves is a show stopper and I love the lines of Isochronal Arc. I watched all of her pattern tours for this book and thoroughly enjoyed them.

  4. Love Child for the looks; Your Princess is in Another Castle for the awesome name; and Willow Bloom because it’s a nice bite-sized project to ease me into adding lace to the mosaic (and my hands were cold this winter!). Thanks for the giveaway, Heather!

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