I received many good comments to my last blog post. But also some well meaning, but ultimately unhelpful, emails. My favorite, “think about all the people who have it worse than you”. This is the mean post dedicated to all you people. First off, let me say, Not Helpful. Let me explain. Warning, there may be swearing.

Think about people who have it worse than me?

Think about the women and children escaping from war torn Syria. Think about them getting raped in refugee camps. Think about how they can’t get to the safety of America because cowardly men in suits are telling us that they are a danger to us. Think about how these men plant and sow the seeds of fear just to harvest it year after year at the ballot box.

Think about all the women who are impregnated by rape and forced to carry their babies to term. Think about the states where their rapists are then given parental visiting rights. What a fucking joke, right?! But think about all the voters who continue to vote these lawmakers into office simply because they are against abortion. Think about how that boils down to caring nothing about the life of the mother. How they feel that women in general shouldn’t have a say in the choices of her own health. That women don’t know what’s best for her own body. That women can’t and shouldn’t have the rights to her own life. And how many of these same voters are women themselves. Come on ladies, we are better than this!

Think about all the children in The United States of America that go to school hungry because their family is too poor to feed them. Think about all the people who voted for a party who thinks it’s ok to take away their free lunch. (psst! Many of those same people who voted for that party are the ones who are too poor to feed their kids!) Think about the other people who think that’s ok because it’s not their kids. But the current government thinks the lunches are there to make the kids perform better, not because they are hungry. Because that’s what kind of government the people have voted for. Because that’s the America we live in today. ‘Merica.

Think about all the people who get shot by their own toddlers every year because they are too damn stupid to put their guns in a safe place…or to not have their guns loaded around their toddlers…or they’re too stupid to even have a gun, but they do anyway. Sigh.

I could go on and on but I won’t. Yes, there are a lot of people who have it worse than me, thank you. It’s fucking depressing.

4 thoughts on “Depression (the mean version)

  1. Huh. Wow. People. (This is part of why I like computers better most days, no random output!) Reminds me of what is now my favorite commercial. I quote it at work all the time now. (Usually while waving my arms)

    “That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.”

  2. Echoing Tracy’s comment, “That’s not how this works.” There’s a difference between having the “blues” and being depressed. I can rouse myself from the blues by looking at what’s good in my life (as opposed to “I have it better than most people.”) Not so from a bout of depression. But what really chaps my bum when people say that is I wanna say back, “Oh, I should feel better because someone else has it worse than me?” Good ol’ schadenfreude? Bleah. I don’t think so.

  3. See that’s what I don’t get, someone has it worse than you, so you’re not allowed to be depressed or have anxieties in your own life? That logic…sigh. Sending more hugs…

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