I am a survivor of sexual abuse.

When lawmakers feel entitled to grab women by their genitals, I don’t feel like women are equal. Call me stupid.

When rapists get released after just 3 months of their already stunningly light 6 month sentences, I don’t feel like women are equal. Call me delusional.

When rapists have parental rights. I don’t feel like women are equal. Call me crazy.

These are problems right here at home. I could go on and on. Human trafficking, sexual assault in the workplace, domestic abuse, etc. And these are just the sexual abuse issues.

The Women’s March had special meaning to me. It was about standing up and fighting abusers. When I see a sexual predator in the White House, it makes me sick. Someone who thinks it’s ok to grab and kiss women without consent…disgusting.

Anyone who thinks that’s ok. Who thinks that’s just “locker room” talk…you need to teach your kids better. That’s not the way anyone should talk. America has a problem with rape culture. If you are ok with that, then maybe you are part of the problem.

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