I’m reading this book and I follow Jenny Lawson on Twitter. Ms. Lawson’s book makes mental illness real and honest. I think I love her.

I don’t read her blog on a regular basis, but perhaps I should. She writes with a raw honesty that speaks to my heart and allows my crazy to be “okay”. We’re all a little crazy, right? Maybe you aren’t. But I am. I’m ok admitting that. I’ve pretty much done so here before. People who know me in real life know this even better. And my friends know this as something that they love about me, right friends?

When Jenny writes about self harm, I get that. When she writes about sleep issues, I’m so there. Anxiety, check; depression, check—I relate to pretty much everything in this book. I feel like I’ve found a soul mate in this lady I’ve never met…and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way.

The stigma of mental illness is ridiculous. Why do we (the collective we) treat it like something that can simply be wished away or brush it off like it’s no big deal? People are afraid to talk about it. Yet almost everyone I know either has some form of mental illness themselves or knows someone who does. But still, shhhh, don’t talk about it because it’s too embarrassing! What a load of shit. I’m going to talk about it.

Anyway, there it is, read this book if you or someone you know has any kind of mental issues. It’s funny, refreshing, and honest. It makes me laugh and sometimes it makes me cry. But it makes me feel, and I like that.


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