For the last few months I’ve started taking my health more seriously. I started the couch to 5k (c25k) program again and have been trying to eat more conscientiously. So far not much progress in terms of hard numbers (unless the scale is holding out on me – completely possible), but I feel better. Several of my friends are helping. Some of them go running with me on occasion and all of them seem to be putting up with my constant c25k status updates. An awesome new friend, who is possibly more Asian than I am even though she is not and I am, got me thinking about bento box lunches. And so my bento adventure begins!

Supplies have arrived:

Bento Supplies

I bought boxes for both myself and my hubby, who is also possibly more Asian than myself in the same way as the aforementioned friend, as he agreed that bento lunches will be awesome. The oval ones came with matching argyle bags and chopsticks. The block boxes have chopsticks inside. The other accessories are silicone cups and dividers useful in keeping the contents separate.

Here is my first attempt:


Onigiri, salami, veggies – simple yet filling. Hubby said he was too full to finish his!

My second attempt:

Bento the Second

I think this lunch making thing is turning into a habit.

2 thoughts on “Bento

  1. I used to have bento every day when I was on co-op, but then my containers started to get gross – I used really cheap ones, and they didn’t hold up very well to day-to-day use. The decals on the outside wore off and the tops warped from the warm water I washed them in! (They were only like $2 for a set of four nesting “snack” tupperware.)

    Anyway, my favorite is tuna or chicken salad in a cup, and lettuce – I don’t know why, but the combination of the two is so, so good! I put a frozen juice pack in with the salad cup to make sure it didn’t spoil.

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